Local 108 and Library Workers - Perfect Together

Local 108 has a long history of representing library workers in New Jersey. Our members receive some of the best wages and benefits around. Beyond that our members know that they have someone looking out for them and their libraries while they serve the needs of the community.


Protect Our Public Libraries

During the economic crisis, public libraries have been essential for helping New Jersey get back to work. Library employees have stepped up to the task of first responders for the out-of-work, providing job-hunt training and resources, even while enduring their own sacrifices.

In return for their service, public library have seen budgets slashed to historic lows. Community events have been cut; funds for new acquisitions are nonexistent; and after school programs have been reduce to the bare minimum. Staff members have been let go and those remaining have endured painful cuts and pay freezes.

Rather than see libraries as essential to economic recovery, politicians have used our libraries as their piggy banks – cutting library funding to pay for more politically connected consultants.  

Local 108 RWDSU is fighting back by giving employees a powerful voice against library closures and cutbacks. Join us and help win the rights and benefits New Jersey’s library employees deserve!

Contact Local 108 at (973) 762-7224 or by email at [email protected]


Check Out Our Friends

NJ Libraries Unite! is working to help protect New Jersey's public libraries from cutbacks. Local 108 is proud to support NJ LIbraries Unite in their efforts. Please be sure to check out there website for up-to-date information on the fight against library cutbacks. 



Did you know that...

In 2007, there were 215,000 librarians, 113,000 library assistants, and 52,000 library technicians.[1]

Most librarians work in school and academic libraries. About one-fourth work in public libraries.

More than half of all library assistants are employed by local government in public libraries; most of the remaining employees work in school libraries. Nearly half of all library assistants work part-time

In 2006, women accounted for 84.2% of all librarians, 87.9% of all library assistants, and the vast majority of library technicians.[15]

In 2007 29.9% of librarians were represented by unions

In 2007 the union earnings advantage for librarians was 52%




In 2007, the union earnings advantage for librarians was 52%; the union earnings advantage for library assistants was 34%. 


mkoob.jpg“Having a union contract gives you a sense of security at all times, especially when the economy is bad.” Mary Koob New Milford Public Library New Milford, NJ 






mhargrove.jpg“For me, one good thing about being in a union is having somebody that represents us and helps us fight for better benefits and working conditions” Mary Hargrove Johnson Free Public Library Hackensack, NJ 





nwilliams.jpg“As Librarians, we are here trying to meet the needs of the public, and it is reassuring to know that at the same time, our union is looking out for us.” Nicole Williams Englewood Public Library Englewood, NJ 






Some of the libraries we represent include: Englewood Public Library, Fort Lee Public Library, Johnson Free Public Library (Hackensack) Leonia Public Library New Milford Public Library, and Wayne Public Library. 

We can help you gain respect on the job and help you secure needed benefits. 

Interested in organizing your library? Our organizers at Local 108 will be glad to speak with you about your rights, the organizing procedure, and the benefits you can win. Contact Kathy Campbell and our organizing team at:
Phone:  973-762-7224
Afterhours: 973-762-8199
Visit our office at: 1576 Springfield Ave. Maplewood, NJ 07040