Local 108 represents a wide range of retail workers in clothing stores, jewelry stores, automotive service, parts and accessory stores, supermarkets, warehouses, manufacturing, and also in the public sector, with a membership of 5000 strong. Local 108's membership is primarily located in New Jersey and has members in NY, CT, PA, MD, MA, VA, DE, OH, and IL. You may recognize some of the popular companies that our members are employed by. In New Jersey: R&S Strauss Stores, Littman/Barclay Jewelers, Pearle Eyelabs, Automated Distribution Warehouse (A.D.S.), and Syms, to name a few.


Local 108 views each and every one of its members as important, no matter the size or type of the workplace. Any problem that occurs in the workplace, no matter how big or small, we want to hear about it. We want to attempt to resolve every situation. If we cannot resolve the problem, we try to guide our members in the right direction where they can receive the necessary help.


Community service is important and everyone should do his or her part. In many cases a little bit goes a long way to those in need. At the Local, the business agents, organizers, and staff set some time aside to volunteer at the local community center. They prepare and serve meals to those who are less fortunate and need a helping hand.


The Local is a member of the NJ State AFL-CIO. The AFL-CIO's program, The Labor Candidate Program, recruits qualified union members to run for local political office, train them on how to run a successful campaign, and also provide encouragement and support through the unions within the state. Each year the NJ AFL-CIO also runs a Labor Candidates school. These classes are taught by political experts and cover all aspects of political campaigns. Local 108 is encouraging its members to run for elected offices. If you are interested in running for a local political office in the future, please contact us at the office.


The officers of Local 108 are committed to becoming a more aggressive and effective advocate for the members of Local 108 and working families. Remember this organization's strength is derived from you, the membership.