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April 9, 2013

Many new immigrants begin by their jobs by making minimum wage. This is why Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc., is fighting a raise in the minimum wage.

Currently the minimum wage stands at $7.25 an hour, the measure on the ballot this year would see it raised to $8.25 an hour with a cost of living adjustment added on.

  • This measure on the ballot this year would not only increase the state minimum wage, but would adjust the wage with the cost of living.
  • Allowing EVERYONE on minimum wage to earn a descent living.
  • We encourage everyone to one of our flyers being distributed and add their organization to growing list of organizations statewide that support our "Raise the Wage" campaign.

As I said before, there are those who would seek to divide us, those who are happy with the status quo. Those who firmly believe that either our cause can wait, or that they truly don't want to see progress due to intolerance or greed.

  • Those who can't imagine the fear that parents have of being separated from their children in the middle of the night.
  • Those who will never understand how difficult it to afford an education with no means of financial aid by no fault ofyour own.
  • Those like Alaska Congressman Don Young, who believes that using derogatory terms are fine because it was the norm for them as a child.
  • Those who have always stood against progress from the times of women's suffrage, the civil rights movement, to equality for all and now for the rights of millions who live here without a voice.

Still the truth remains in the words ofDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.," the arc ofthe moral universe is long, but bends towards justice" and we stand united here today and we are always fighting to keep it that way.

Thank you.

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