Local 108 was founded in April of 1937 to create a level playing field for the workers of New Jersey.  Since 2002 Local 108 has organized over 2,000 workers and negotiated 15 new collective bargaining agreements as well as significantly boosting the union's representation of Latino Workers.

Local 108 represents over 5,000 workers at employers throughout Essex, Hudson, Union, Bergen and Middlesex Counties including:
  • Mandee - Big M, Inc
  • Pearle
  • Modell's
  • Academy
  • Lane Bryant
  • Littman Jewelers
  • City of New Brunswick
  • City of Englewood
  • City of Wayne
  • And many other employers

Local 108 continues it's commitment to representation of diversity of it's membership through initiatives set to meet benchmarks of including members of underrepresented gender and ethnic groups over time. An instance of this policy as been carried out in the staff reflecting the diversity of the membership. In addition to ethnic diversity programs the local also runs a youth in labor community group which teaches youth about the value union representation on the job along with reciveing a grant to recruit and train auto technicians which is entering it's forth year. Local 108 provides English as a Second Language Training and Shop Steward Training Sessions to its members as well.

Political Action through lobbying elected local, state and national representatives to pass laws which benefit the working class of New Jersey. Recently Local 108 has heavily lobbied for the passage of the Bus Drivers Overtime Rights Bill and the New Jersey Paid Family Leave Act. Local 108 also works closely with and participates actively in the New Jersey AFL-CIO Political Program which provides a political voice for the workers of New Jersey. Local 108 also participates in UFCW Women's Committee. Both the leadership and members of local 108 strongly feel passage of these bill would benefit the working class and give access to a life we deserve.

Community Coalitions include partnerships with:

  • Working Families United For New Jersey
  • New Labor
  • People's Organization for Progress
  • Irvington Neighborhood Improvement Corporation
  • AIDS Resource Foundation for Children
  • American Cancer Society
  • La Casa Don Pedro Training and Community Service Center
Local 108 works to improve our community by organizing events for staff and union members to give back through volunteerism. Local 108 has participated in clothing drives and serves holiday meals. Local 108 also raises funds for medical research through the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer." Local 108 also supports clothing drives and has served individuals by providing internships and training in filing, mailings and office machinery the training and community service center La Casa Don Pedro in Newark.